Evie Frye Case Study

The game series Assassins Creed has been a great source of inspiration to me for few years now. I just love the art style. That makes it a great starting point for me to improve my drawing skills. I couldn’t stand that people were able to create this, and I weren’t.

I wanted to improve my skills for anatomy drawing, perspective drawing and drawing shade. I also wanted to train myself in using photoshop to draw.
So I started with drawing anatomy an hour a day for a while, a selection of my studies can be found below.

Gesture Drawing 1
Gesture Drawing 4
Gesture Drawing 5
Gesture Drawing 8

When I felt comfortable enough, I started drawing poses for the character I wanted to create to practice shading.
After several attempts to create a nice pose I settled with this sketch.


With the basic shape of the character done, I worked on the composition and the perspective of the drawing. To make it a little bit more complicated I decided to create a two-point perspective, with one vanishing point inside the canvas.

This is the sketch I came up with:

If I activate all my guides, the file looks like this:


The last step to achieve all my goals was the shading of the character. My process can be found here:

The final result:

If you have any questions, or if you just want to know something else about this thing. It's definitely possible to ask me anything.