Why shouldn’t you be an artist? With the Concordiball Installation everyone can be an artist. Just play pinball and the machine will generate an artwork based on your play style. Your artwork will be part of a big masterpiece inside the Concordia Presentshop in Enschede.

I’ve worked on an interactive installation for Concordia in Enschede. The goal was to attract more customers in to the shop. And we did, whit in 3 days we brought more than 100 new potential costumers in to the shop.

It was my job to make sure that the installation suited the shop and that the shop owner was informed and happy about the result. Next to that I wrote en did the production for the promo film, which you can see above. I also designed en developed a large part the website. If you want to check it out, You can click the link below.


If you have any questions, or if you just want to know something else about this thing. It's definitely possible to ask me anything.