Walk Cycle

Animation is a lot simpler nowadays. I took on the challenge to animate the traditional way, and draw every frame by hand. This forced me to improve my fundamental animation skills.


In order to animate something. It’s kind of necessary to have something to animate. So I created a new character from scratch.
Character sheet

After creating the character, I had to figure out a pose to animate it. Animating feet from the side is cool. But a face from the side is flat out boring. That is why I kind of cheated while creating the main pose. The feet are shown from the side. But the upper body is facing the camera.


Drawing it all at once isn’t going to work. That’s why I drew a simple skeleton first, to get all the proportions, junctions and basic animations in. This made it possible to tweak the structure a couple of times, before the timing felt right.

With the basic animation on the screen, I was able to draw every frame by hand. I drew the keyframes first. I filled in all the inbetweens afterwards.

All that was left is adding some details and color. The final animation can be seen at the top of this post.

If you have any questions, or if you just want to know something else about this illustration. It's definitely possible to ask me anything.