Baking Geneva

The United Nations Office at Geneva asked students to create promotional content for their new book: Recipes for Peace, Rights & Wellbeing. I created a concept for an 3D animation based on one of the recipes in the book.

I created this video for a school assignment. Therefore, reaching my own learning goals was the most important part of this project. The recipe I chose to create was one submitted by the city of Geneva. It basically explains how a city with an exceptional quality of life can be created. In the book, it’s written as a recipe. I created a concept to convert it to a video.

The first goal I had to achieve was creating a proper concept, I did visual research to get an idea of the city of Geneva. I collected my research in the album below:

But only a good understanding of the city itself isn’t enough to come up with a great concept, I needed more visual research to be able to suggest a suitable artstyle. I made a new pinterest board to collect the necessary images.

My other learning goal was to get used to working with 3D programs such as Autodesk Maya. I started with a bunch of tutorials and I used Maya to create one of the buildings that could be in the video, this improved my 3D skills and at the same time I improved on the concept.

I also started working on a script for the video. It can be found here.
To visualize this script, I created a storyboard which I presented to an UN representative.


Luckily the response on the storyboard was great, I only had to change some minor things to be able to start on the final product on this project: The animatic.
To realise it, I had to create the models for the animatic and I had to learn how to animate in Maya.
The final result can be seen above.

If you have any questions, or if you just want to know something else about this illustration. It's definitely possible to ask me anything.