The 30//10 Challenge

Graphic Design & Motion Design

Agency | MiNSK
Client | Insight TV

How to create graphics for a show all about 4K RED-shots of basejumpers? Just let the footage shine.

The graphics for The 30//10 challenge have one simple goal: Convey information. This made us choose a clear but masculine font and two powerful elements. We used the // from the title and an orange smoke trail. Similar to the ones created by the basejumpers in the show. We place the text on a contrasting background when necessary to ensure readability.

2D Lower thirds

The mountains near Chamonix are one of the heroes of the show, but not everyone knows where they are. That is why we combined height data with satellite data in a 3D map of the town and it's surroundings.

The first episode of The 30//10 Challenge is free to watch on

Click here to watch episode 1.

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